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Red Shoes and Jewelry to Make Jaws Drop

Shake up your feet with fresh, vibrant red footwear in the season's of-the-moment styles.

Red shoes for spring

Then feast your eyes on jewelry from Coquito Designs, which runs the gamut from 1950s cool to warrior princess-esque. Don't miss this new hotspot for vintage lucite stones and luminous futuristic gems.

Coquito Designs Jewelry

Top Web Shops

Visit some of our favorite online stores for one-in-a-million fashion:

Glam Girl Boutique
Couture Candy
Frederick's of Hollywood
National Jean Company

Need a gift idea, stat?
Visit Marshall Ward if you're looking around for Christmas gifts for her.

Online clothing stores

Online jewelry stores

Womens swimwear stores

Handbags, sunglasses, scarves, etc.
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Latest Style Picks:

See all our great web finds in the Style Picks archive!

Beauty Products We're Smitten With

Korres Guava Body ButterGreek beauty megabrand Korres is on the move. We wanted to see for ourselves what all the fuss is about, so we decided to sample their Guava Body Butter - and we're sold. More than just a moisturizer, it's a rich, creamy, life-infusing cream that returned the suppleness to our end-of-winter-dry legs. A lotion chock full of guava should probably smell good, but the scent of this stuff goes beyond just plain exotic to almost forbiddingly tropical.
>> Shop for Korres products at Korres.com.

Nubar Nail PolishFor years now, we've had a nagging feeling that nail polish isn't exactly good for us. Maybe it was the requests from family members to "for God's sake, do that in the bathroom with the door closed," or perhaps it was the headaches we got from doing just that. Enter Nubar, a company that makes amazing nail polish that's free from Formaldehyde, Toluene or (DBP)Phthalate - all carcinogenic ingredients found in polish by the major brands. Now we don't have to feel guilty about changing our polish three times a week - and we don't have to compromise on color, either. Nubar has a HUGE assortment of shades, all priced at $6.99!
>> Shop for Nubar polishes at BuyNubar.com.

Calling all vintage brides!
So you're engaged (yay!), and you have your heart set on a different kind of wedding. Maybe you've always loved 50s style, or you just like the idea of an informal wedding dress. Lucky for you, Blue Velvet Vintage has just introduced two flirty, retro-inspired tea length wedding dresses in 100% silk shantung. The "True Romance" dress and "Uptown Doll" dress feature two variations on an elegant halter neckline and sweetheart bodice. You can even add a petticoat underneath their gorgeous circle skirts! Take it from us: if you're having a 50s moment, these stunningly tailored vintage style wedding dresses are IT.
Check them out at Blue Velvet Vintage.

Putting it all Together

Check out the latest installments in our Great Outfits series:

Velvet dress, ParkVogel cardiganGreat outfit alert: A Walk on the Demure Side
A bold green dress with a soft cocoa cardigan and an antique necklace.

Free People tee, Essie nail polishGreat outfit alert: A Trip Downtown
A peachy, dressed-up tee with a 50s-inspired cropped jacket, and Essie's hottest new nail polish shade.

Perfect Layering Pieces

We've reviewed five prime layering candidates that we love for different reasons (and that you can keep wearing from spring into summer into fall). Whether you want one that's cuddly or risqué, they're all here.
Take me to the tanks.

Thinking of studying fashion?

Get your fashion fix at a major Miami fashion merchandising school - and be the next trendsetter.

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adventures in Plaid; Hypnotically Perfect Jewelry from Peggy Li

This week we bring you handmade jewelry that smartly bridges the gap between delicate and attention-grabbing, cozy fall sweaters to wear it with, and all the tartan you can shake a stick at.
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delicious fall handbags and more inspired fashion

We went on a bit of a sumptuous brown purse binge this week. The spoils of our travels are here for you to enjoy, along with a fun new section, "Fashion That Reminds Us of Things".
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the best tall boot, a bit of frosting

If you need a black go-to boot that you can tuck your jeans into, we can help. Plus, in denial about summer's end? We've got bare purple dresses and accessories that will make you feel like it's July again.
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finding rockabilly heaven; crochet is back

Modern-day rockabilly is your hidden source for 40s and 50s glamour (with an edge). We share some of our favorite shops on the web. And if you ever thought crochet was just for dolls' clothing...
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casino chic and asian street style

Because Japan, Korea, and China know how to do colorful, unconventional fashion like no one else, and because Vegas has throughly corrupted us. Also featuring some pretty cute printed graphical tops!
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from great flats to special summer dresses

When a simple ballet slipper just won't do, you've got options. And if you appreciate a spectacular dress as much as we do, you'll want to see these by Sui Generis, New York Couture and Mon Petit Oiseau.
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head-turning bikinis and Cake beauty...

Looking for something beyond two triangular pieces of fabric to cover your assets on the beach? We've got retro bikinis, the best one-pieces out there, and more after the jump. You can also read our review of two of the hottest products by Cake.
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dressing prim and proper; workout wear

If you've ever agonized over how hard it is to find gym pants that are actually flattering, this issue of Fashion Bomb is for you. You'll also see our top finds for the daintier side of fashion. You know, for those special moments.
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pencil skirts and next-generation hosiery

Take a gander at our picks for the best hot, high-waisted pencil skirts, as well as fun tights, knee-highs and socks that will make you forget you ever shuddered at the word "pantyhose".
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celebrity fashion and necessary jewelry

Us magazine junkie? Let us point you to the sites where you can actually buy what you saw in its delectable pages while waiting in line at the supermarket. Plus: gorgeous, unique jewelry you can't afford to not know about.
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